Setting up your DTF print files is a breeze with our easy-to-follow steps.

If you’re using transparency effects, flatten them to prevent any unexpected rendering issues.

Quality Prints

To achieve a high quality print, print files need to be done right. The end result is only as good as the quality of the print file.

DTF Printers, unfortunately, cannot improve the quality of inadequate files. For best results we recommend a Vector based file created in Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator or any vector based design software.

File Types

Print file types come in various formats, each with its unique advantages. Whether you prefer PNG, PDF, or EPS, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the intricate world of print file types, ensuring that your artwork is flawlessly captured and ready for the printing process.

Vector Files

But what exactly is a vector file? Simply put, it’s the secret ingredient for crisp, sharp, and infinitely scalable designs. Unlike raster files, which pixelate when enlarged, vector files retain their quality and details regardless of size. With our expertise, you can harness the power of vector files to create stunning prints that leave a lasting impression.

PNG Files

PNG files, the ultimate solution for transparent backgrounds. Whether it’s a logo, icon, or intricate artwork, png files preserve the transparency you desire, seamlessly integrating your designs into any medium. The secret to PNG files is the resolution, a File that was grabbed of Google will most probably be of low resolution and simply wont work, PNG files are great for DTF Printing but it is important to keep in mind that the resolution has to be 300 dpi at actual size.

Software like Canva can be used to create PNG files but it is important to make sure that high quality elements are used in creating the design in Canva. The saved PNG file will only be as good as the sum of its parts.

Get ready to make a statement. Get ready to impress. Get ready to elevate your designs to new heights. With DTFXpress, the possibilities are limitless. Embrace the power of quality, vector and png files today!

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