Your Questions Answered.

What file types are best to send for dtf printing?

Although we can print any image file for DTF, not all file types will produce great results. For crisp images with no semitransparent pixels, please use:

  • .Vector files like .pdf, .svg and .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • png files with 300 dpi resolution
  • .psd file (Photoshop)
Should I flip/mirror my image?

Do not flip/mirror your image. It will be printed as is, so please submit them as you would like them to appear on the shirt.

Why should I use a transparent background ?

DTF printing software does not distinguish between the design and the background. If you send an image with a white background, the print will print that background and you will end up with a transfer that has a white rectangle around your design.

What is a Gang Sheet ?

A Gang sheet is a transfer sheet that has multiple designs printed together. This is a more economical way to print transfers when compared to printing your design one at a time. 

Do you review & edit artwork for clients ?

Cram sheet setup services, trimming, vectorization and background removal are extra services that we provide for a fee. If you would like us to evaluate your artwork, please email us at sales@dtfxpress.co.za and we will send you a custom quote for these services.

What size is a single Gang Sheet ?

a Single Gang sheet size is 550mm x 1000mm but you may order various sizes on our order page.

How long is your turnaround time to send my order out?

Our current turnaround is approximately 2-3 business days not including weekends or holidays with an average of 2 business days. If you place an order today, the following business day is considered the first business day. Although we do our best to process orders sooner, please note there is no guarantee.

Can you send my order quicker? I need my order ASAP rushed!

Yes, of course! We offer a SAME DAY print service for a fee of  R230.00 additional to your order amount.

This gets you ahead of the list and priority printing services.

Please note you need to submit your order AND ready to print artwork before 12pm NOON  for cut off. If you order is placed after this time, it is considered a same day order for the following business day.

Do you check my artwork?

The buyer is responsible for providing the correct artwork. We do not check your artwork.

*IF* we see something that is NOTICEABLY WRONG, we will let you know but ultimately the buyer is responsible for supplying high resolution vectorized artwork. If you are to place a large order and are unsure how your artwork will print, it is advised to place a small test order first before committing to a larger order.

How do I press your transfers?

Set heat press to 140 – 160 degrees Celsius

Press for 10 seconds with medium high pressure (approx. 50-60PSI)

Let items cool down completely

Carefully peel from corner downward after transfer is cooled

Cover with Teflon sheet and repress for 10 more seconds to seal in your design

My colours don’t look the same as my screen ?

Every computer monitor has a different display of color due to settings so on different computer monitors, the same image will vary slightly. We cannot guarantee the color you see on your screen is the exact same that will be printed. Please use pantone coloring for best results versus just finding a color on the color bar as that is not ideal for printing.

If you need a specific tone, please order a test sheet FIRST before committing to a larger order to ensure you are receiving the specific color you need.

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