Print Files Explained

Sending us the correct print files will eliminate any delays and speed up the completion of your order.

It is also important to remember  that printed colours do not always match what you see on your display.

Vector Artwork

To ensure high quality print results we only accept Vectorized files.

Vector files are commonly created with software like Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator which is then saved in Pdf format.

Low Res Image files will result in poor quality print results.

The edges of the print will be jagged and not crisp.

We do accept high quality PNG Files with a transparent background.

Artwork created in Canva should be saved as PNG with a transparent background in the highest quality possible.

Acceptable file types:

  • Coreldraw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Editable Pdf Files.
  • PNG Files ( Must be High quality) we will not be responsible for poor pixelated print results)

If you are unsure about your print files, please feel free to email us at sales@dtfxpress.co.za

Artwork not recommended for DTF

Glow effects

Transparency / Opacity Effects

Thin / Small Fine Details

These items above will not print as intended and will not adhere properly to your garments as they cannot get a good white underbase needed.

Wording less than 7mm is not recommended

Any fine, tiny details will not adhere to the transfer. Be sure to add a stroke and make any fine details thicker for best results.


Important Tip

If you are making a large sheet, example: 550mm x 1000mm of all the SAME images, you DO NOT need to send us a file that is 1000mm long,

Instead you can make a smaller sheet such  and then let us know how many copies of that you need.

This will save you time and work and will result in a file that is not too heavy to send and load.

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